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Patricia van Oosten

CD: Rosa M. 'Cum que Gleba'

Gregorian Chant from the Cathedral in Chartres with Tanpura, Sitar and Violin
CD Rosa M.

Song for Eastern

Gregorian Chant; solo Voice with Tanpura
Patricia van Oosten, Voice, Tammo Heikens Gitar

Meet me

Song; written by Kirtana. Home-recording
Patricia van Oosten-Voice Boni Li-A Sam-Piano

Halleluia Jazz

Lord's Prayer in Aramaïc language

Abwhun d'Bashmaya

This song emerged when I met the sounds of the Aramaïc words of the Lord's Prayer; seemingly the original language of Yeshua.
Patricia van Oosten-Voice Ramon van der Hout-Guitar

Veni Sancte Spiritus

Popversion of the Gregorian Chant; 'Come Holy Spirit'.

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