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Singing & Soundyoga


Professional all-round Singing coaching, in Amsterdam or online with Zoom. All styles!

Patricia van Oosten

Singer, Coach

Graduating at the Conservatory as a Classical Singer in Utrecht, finally brought me into a Holistic approach to Singing and Sound-yoga. 30 Years of experience gives you the senior-quality, a 'to-the-point-approach' on how you can love your voice en make it perform whatever it is asked for.

My activities as an Enlightment Coach you can find here: www.satsangamsterdam.nl


Be the Singer you can be

Fully meet your Voice-potential

The voice listens to you. Then, who are you? How can you allow attention to perform its own intelligence in singing? Beauty? Harmony? Power? Expression? 

That's what you'll discover and activate in Songfulness Coaching.

Why Songfulness?

How does Songfulness differ from other Singing/Yoga teachings?

The 'inner listening/awareness'-approach.

Most, if not all, approaches on voice-work and singing that I have met, are based on a presumption of what it should give you or how it should sound. That is exactly what blocks the voice or disconnects it from your free attention. The voice, as a whole, follows your attention; and when your attention is pre-occupied or even claimed by the mind (on how it should sound or how it should act), then you can never really meet your voice and the frequencies (music and feelings) it resonates into. Since frequencies are the core of your feelings and emotions, it means a subtle block on the real you; and only serves to distract you from your true nature.

Songfulness offers a calmly work-out; in which attention can freely move and become liberated from the minds dominative projections. This exactly unfolds the voice and its connection with your whole-self; as a singing/dancing movement in eternal Awareness itself.

The voice is then the tool towards inner liberation and beauty of expression. Allowing life itself to unfold as you.